Dynamic Field of View

With the ability to rapidly make on the fly adjustments between Near-Field, Mid-Field and Far-Field ranges

High Data Throughput

20m points per second at 30Hz to feed the AI-Engine of an Automated Driver Assistance System

Low Cost To Implement

Reducing the total number of lasers required translates into substantial production cost savings

Low Power Consumption

Fewer moving parts means much lower power consumption than LiDAR solutions from other providers

The highest resolution at range of any LiDAR with 340 vertical lines up to 250 meters, 568 vertical lines up to 120 meters and 944 vertical lines up to 60 meters. This equates to 520 points per square degree. 

-Sumit Sharma, CEO, MicroVision Inc., Feb 10 Press Release

Sunlight Rejection

Featuring an Active Scan Locked Ambient Light Rejecting System to increase accuracy

Velocity Tracking

Velocity of moving objects relative to an ego vehicle across a dynamic field of view in real-time with 30 Hz sensor output

Long Range

A total range of at least 250 meters puts the MicroVision LiDAR solution in a category of top-tier providers

Completing development of what we believe will be the best-in-class LiDAR sensor for range, resolution and frame rate is an engineering challenge. So far, our team remains on track to complete our Long Range LiDAR sample in April 2021

-Sumit Sharma, CEO, MicroVision Inc.

Miniaturized MEMS

As an industry leader in microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), MicroVision is uniquely positioned to leverage its patented solutions to power the heart of its new LiDAR solution.

Solid State LiDAR

The holy grail in LiDAR is a solid state solution that doesn’t involve an array of heavy moving parts. By leveraging proprietary MEMS technology the MicroVision solution will enable an elegant, compact LiDAR unit with ultra lightweight moving parts.

We have received feedback from multiple interested parties recognizing that they think MicroVision’s technology is the most sophisticated and potentially disruptive that they have reviewed so far

-Sumit Sharma, CEO, MicroVision, Inc.

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