Is this website affiliated with MicroVision?

No, this website is not affiliated or associated in any way with MicroVision, Inc. This is an informational website built by an investor-enthusiast of MicroVision’s technology to highlight some of the key elements of the Automotive Long-Range LiDAR Sample being built by the Company.

Is MicroVision for Sale?

Yes, the company’s CEO has stated several times that it is their intent to pursue a sale or other strategic transaction and have reinforced the messaging that this is their primary focus at several investor chats. In March of 2020 the company engaged Craig Hallum as financial advisors to help them in pursuing a strategic transaction. You can view a history of the Company’s prior statements regarding its strategy here.

Is there a good place for a new investor to go to learn more about MicroVision?

Yes, you can visit the “Best of MVIS” thread on the MVIS Reddit Room, the MVIS presentation gallery built by longtime MVIS investor s2upid, as well as this summary post from another MVIS investor highlighting the current investment thesis for MicroVision.

Is MicroVision in other industries besides LiDAR?

Yes, there are five total verticals:

  • Projection: miniaturized laser-based projection systems called “Pico” projectors that are small enough to be manufactured in smartphones
  • Interactive Projection: package of systems that enable touch-based interaction on projected surfaces, the ideal use case is home smart speakers
  • Consumer LiDAR: primarily designed for smart-home use cases where scanning individuals or objects is needed to determine occupancy, customer intent, etc.,
  • Automative LiDAR: perceptive 3D laser-based scanning of an environment to feed Automated Driver Assistance Systems
  • Augmented Reality: displaying a “heads up display” style interface in large, transparent, High-Definition view packaged in an assembly small enough to fit into modern eye-wear without being noticeable

For more information about these verticals and MicroVision, view the imgur presentation gallery built by longtime MVIS investor s2upid.

Is MicroVision a parts supplier to Microsoft?

Yes, the MEMS-controller powering the Hololens 2 was developed by MicroVision.

For evidence of this you can view official tear-down of the Hololens 2 here as well as the confirmation of the parts referenced originating from MicroVision.

Is MicroVision receiving royalties for the ruggedized version of the Hololens 2 in use as part of the US Military’s Integrated Visual Augmentation System (“IVAS”) program?

This has not been confirmed by MicroVision management as of January, 2021, however several members of the retail investment community speculate Microsoft is using Laser-Beam Scanning solutions from MicroVision.

Why is this website focused on LiDAR when there are other verticals at MicroVision?

The purpose of this website is to generate interest and excitement in the investment community around the impending release of the company’s Automative Long-Range LiDAR Sample. There are several other places online where you can research the company in greater detail. Several of these links are viewable if you scroll further down on the home page.

Do the website operators own a financial stake in MicroVision?

Yes, we are long-term bullish investors in MicroVision.

Is this website seeking to provide investment advise or make investment recommendations?

No, this is an informational website only. We recommend you consult your investment advisor before initiating a position in MicroVision. All investments carry risk. View a full list of our website terms and disclaimers.